Oceans Caucus Foundation (OCF)

"Nothing else will matter if we fail to protect the ocean. Our fate and the oceans' are one"

- Dr. Sylvia Earle
Watch Now About the OCF

A powerful collaboration of public and private sector organizations to educate U.S. and international policymakers

ICCF has institutionalized its focus on the essential nature of oceans resource conservation to American national and economic security.

Educational Briefings

Educational programs with expert presenters on topics identified in response to recommendations and concerns from our advisory board and our network of oceans experts.

Partner Spotlight

Leading the United States in public and private international partnerships to provide stewardship of oceans and our coasts.

The Issues

Educating leaders on critical issues to bring all sides together to address the challenges in ways that preserve oceans’ beauty and cultivate their maximum economic value.

About The OCF

Promotes collaboration between government, corporate, NGO, and scientific leaders. The OCF recognizes that in order to protect and restore the oceans while paving the way for sustainable utilization, chief decision makers across all disciplines need to be involved.

By uniting leaders in government, corporations, NGOs, and the scientific community, we can find common ground and establish a network strong enough to solve global maritime natural resource challenges.

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We recognize the importance of conservation and the link between good natural resource management and sustainable economic growth.

The Oceans Caucus Foundation joins ICCF’s collaboration of like-minded corporate and NGO partners to help forge bold new solutions in maritime conservation.

IUU Fishing

Working to enhance policymaker understanding of the threat domestic seafood fraud poses to consumers, responsible fishermen, and seafood businesses throughout the supply chain, and the opportunity that nationwide traceability provides to protect law-abiding American fishermen, help keep illegally caught fish out of our market, and protect consumer health and safety.

Marine Biodiversity

Marine organisms are integral to almost all biogeochemical processes that sustain the biosphere, and provide a variety of products and natural services which are the foundation of the global economy and essential to our well-being.

Marine Debris

Up to 80% of marine debris originates from land-based sources. Waste management challenges, particularly in developing countries, account for a large portion of marine debris. More investments and public-private partnerships should focus on consumer awareness, the development of more recyclable materials, and recycling infrastructure in both developing and developed countries.
Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR)
Rep. Don Young (R-AK)
OCF has cultivated membership in the House and Senate Oceans Caucuses much the same way ICCF has done with the U.S. Congressional International Conservation Caucus.
"You can pump out more and more money through government expenditures, and you don't see the results. And yet you can leverage smaller amounts of money out of the private sector and you can see positive, palpable results."
Rep. Bill Archer
"We can accomplish so much more by leveraging our talents and resources. As partners, a true team, we can make history together."
Rep. Lindsay Thomas
“Nothing else will matter if we fail to protect the ocean. Our fate and the oceans' are one.”
Dr. Sylvia Earle
5 Major Oceans
71% of the Earth's Surface
90% of Habitable Space on the Planet
97% of the Earth's Water

Oceans Steering Committee

The Oceans Caucus Foundation has established a “brain trust” of leaders in oceans-related industries to help us determine the critical issues which must be addressed and presented.
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Oceans Council

The Oceans Council is a dynamic association of public and private sector representatives dedicated to oceans conservation with far-reaching networks spread out across all economic hubs and oceans resource hotspots.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Our offices are located in the heart of the U.S. capital, to better serve our coalition of partners and like-minded stewards.

25786 Georgetown Station, Washington, DC US 200027