The OCF recognizes that in order to protect and restore the oceans while paving the way for sustainable utilization, chief decision makers across all disciplines need to be involved. By uniting leaders in government, corporations, NGOs, and the scientific community, we can find common ground and establish a network strong enough to solve global maritime natural resource challenges.

Establishing Relationships

The OCF facilitates relationship building between leaders in the government, corporate, NGO, and scientific communities in order to engage them in the dialogue on issues of ocean protection and sustainability. We do so by hosting regular events and programs involving leaders at the highest levels.


The OCF promotes collaboration between government, corporate, NGO, and scientific leaders in order to seek consensus on key issues involving protection and sustainable utilization of oceans and their ecosystems, as well as to work toward collaborative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges.

Consensus Building

The OCF promotes sharing of ideas between partners with different perspectives, ideologies, and areas of expertise in order to promote consensus on maritime conservation issues as well as creative, effective means of addressing the many challenges.

Resource Sharing

The OCF is comprised of partners from many arenas, each of which brings something different to the table. Sharing of resources—from financial to scientific to on-the-ground expertise—encourages the development of public/private partnerships, which exponentially increase the success of maritime conservation and sustainability programs.

Project Development

Building upon the relationships established by the OCF, as well as the partnerships formed and resources shared, OCF members are better equipped to develop successful projects in collaboration with one another. Working together, OCF and its partners have the opportunity to achieve innovative and effective solutions to the most pressing issues facing our oceans and ecosystems.