The Issues

The health of oceans ecosystems is absolutely essential to human capacity to live sustainably. The natural resources of our oceans are the foundation of economic activity, quality of life, and national security. The challenges of oceans conservation are rooted in information gaps and are non-partisan. OCF believes educating the leaders on the critical issues of oceans conservation will bring all sides together to address the challenges in ways that preserve oceans’ beauty and cultivate their maximum economic value. From our network we pull together the latest science, progress reports from the most ambitious programs in the field, and the resources necessary to address the most pressing issues to oceanic sustainability. Our solutions are market-based, rooted in good science, and are founded on far-reaching networks of the most capable, dedicated organizations for each challenge.

IUU Fishing

Roughly two in five humans depend on fish as a primary source of animal protein, and many more incorporate it regularly into their diets. In order to meet the rising nutritional demands of a growing world population and strengthen local economies, commercial fishing must be supported by science-based conservation principles that benefit both fish and fishermen, and maximize the benefits of economic activity over the long term.

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Marine Debris

Marine debris is any manmade material that is improperly disposed of that ends up in lakes, waterways, and the ocean. Up to 80% of marine debris originates from land-based sources. Waste management challenges, particularly in developing countries, account for a large portion of marine debris.

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Marine Biodiversity

Marine organisms are integral to almost all biogeochemical processes that sustain the biosphere, and provide a variety of products and natural services which are the foundation of the global economy and essential to our well-being. They are responsible for the production of food (about 100 million tons annually) and natural substances, ingredients for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, and even the creation of land.

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Protection & Restoration

Natural services provided by ocean and coastal ecosystems are fundamental to the prosperity of tens of millions of people who live on American coasts and a large swath of businesses indirectly connected to coastal economies, yet they are under threat from a variety of sources. Stewardship lapses have had major economic impact on surrounding communities, resulting in the functional collapse of certain commercially valuable ecosystems, including oyster reefs, fish stocks, and mangroves.

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